remote collaboration

remote collaboration · 23. Dezember 2021
"Kamera aus, Ohren auf! - wie räumliches Hören hilft, Ihre Onlinemeetings zu beleben!
We would like to present you with an available solution that enables high-quality cooperation over a distance. After the event you will know the potential of 3D audio in virtual rooms.
remote collaboration · 19. August 2021
So many of us will have felt isolated recently - not just through the pandemic, but also because of the divisiveness used as a political weapon in and between many countries. We're going through a strange time when our science and technology are making huge strides, but humans are too often in conflict and suffering unnecessarily. It's time we used the technology to increase our interaction. Live shows of "SONGS & WHISPERS" artist will be taking place in this social VR place in the future.
remote collaboration · 28. Januar 2021
Cultural Production, Sustainability and Digitality. How Does That Fit Together? The global pandemic has revealed the strategic “weak point” of a cultural production that is mainly focused on presence! But what are the possibilities of realising collaborative for-mats and interactive cultural production via the internet? What are the preconditions for broadcasting audio –and video –with minimum delay? How can the audience be included?