"Live, lively, low-latency!

 "Live, lively, low-latency!

Have you ever tried singing "Happy Birthday" or clapping a beat together with your friends on Zoom? Spoiler: It's pretty rough. Multi-directional high-latency communication services like that don't stand a chance when it comes to musical collaboration. 


Especially with the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, numerous artists all around the globe had to utilize social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) as live broadcasting and streaming platforms.  However simple and practical those one-directional communication systems may appear, they don't give justice to one of the core elements of the performance world: realistic and real-time performer - audience interaction.


Good news: Performing online doesn't need to be a less-exciting and unsatisfactory replacement for "real life" events. Remote music performance software like Sonobus and Jamulus do take music creation and consumption to the next level. Via multi-directional communication channels and minimal delay in audio transmission (aka "low-latency"), high-quality collaboration of two or more remote performers across the internet becomes possible. The smaller latency, the better real-time interaction and participation!


This survey is indented to come up with sustainable and beneficial ways to improve digital performances through listening to the needs, experiences, and suggestions of the performance artists, musicians, and theatre actors. Furthermore, we believe that advanced technology in this field can create new, creative, and hybrid performance forms. Needless to say, it is way more eco-friendly with reduced general carbon footprint when people travel less across the globe.


This is a market research carried out by a group of students from the University of Bremen and Essex University as a part of Summer Camp 2021. Partnering up with the company Streaming Arts (www.streaming-arts.eu) for the project "Social Experiences on the Internet through Remote Collaboration Tools", the survey is conducted to explore the demand for remote low-latency collaboration tools with audience feedback channel for performers. Our aim is to learn whether any kind of direct acoustic interaction between the audience and performers could enhance performances on the internet. All data will be treated anonymously and confidentially.


Please finde our survey here: https://forms.gle/gF7L2NrsUUwjnXgg6


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